CRUELS is a future nu-90s house and R&B producer from San Francisco, CA.

Prior to his solo career, Gio wrote and produced three full-length albums with electronic duo The Limousines. The band crossed the United States multiple times and toured Europe. He has also composed commercial music for brands such as Vans, Nike, Cool Water Cologne and Schick Razors, along with several beds for television.

Now, he is adopting a sound melding future house with R&B for his debut solo release, collaborating with top liners for the first time in his career. Life in Los Angeles and inspiration from these new collaborators has brought out a different side of the producer. CRUELS DJs out at underground parties in San Francisco (Popscene, 1015 Folsom, and Out of the Wood, to name a few), incorporating live elements into his sets. He has been filming and editing his own visual teasers for the new songs he has ready for release through 2016.

CRUELS is a tastemaker among modern producers and, more importantly, always knows what is coming next.