Dee Adam

Dee Adam’s studio is based in London’s Portobello Road and fondly referred to as ‘Narnia, as it is situated at the back of her fashion designer father’s warehouse, where amongst the suits, ties and cutting patterns, the true magic unfolds and the songwriting begins

Besides working with many established artists, the female producer/
Songwriter is majorly involved with artist development and vocal production. So far, she has written and produced for names such as: Shannon Saunders, Karma Kid, Alex Hepburn, Breach, Wilkinson, Newton Faulkner, Dido, Melanie C, Alexandra Burke, Loick Essien, Diana Vickers, Conor Maynard, Snakehips, Gareth Emery, Armin Van Bueern, Markus Shulz and Norma JeanMartine, to name but a few.

Dee’s writing styles spread across many genres ranging from House, R’n’b,pop, alternative, soul and indie. “It’s all about the feels! I grew up listening to so many different types of music, all of which have given me loads of inspiration. I was born in Hackney and used to spend a lot of time in the Ridley market while hanging out with my music loving nan, that’s where I first heard reggae and dub and I instantly loved it. Sunday mornings were mostly spent singing Rolling “1 Stones classics with my dad while he played guitar, then came Motown and Country music via my mum and step dad followed by Kate Bush that was fed to me by my artsy mates in 6th form from there I got absorbed in electronic music and started writing my own tunes on a borrowed synthesier that had a few keys missing, I’m sure the tunes were awful but my passion for songwriting and production was born”.
As well as working with recently signed acts, Dee finds raw talent and contributes to establishing their unique sound and industry presence. Earlier this year Dee built a second studio on the East coast in Whitstable. It is there, away from the chaos of the city, that she finalises her tracks and digs deeper in to production.
Dee has recently signed her own artist Reigns to her production label and has been developing her for over a year now. Together they have created a vibrant electronic mash up of RnB pop, twisted with pounding beats and served with a massive dollop of retro soul! Dee’s second artist signing is also in the pipeline for early 2017.

Having contributed to numerous releases that have achieved silver, gold and platinum record sales globally. Her songwriting and production skills have also struck a chord within the tv and film industry. Dee has had songs placed on shows such as Grey’s anatomy, Vampire Diaries, Grace and Frankie and also the 2016 BBC TV campaign. Her co write with Andreya Triana ‘Heart in your hands’ is also the end credit feature track in the Bafta award winning film documentary ‘He named me Malala’.
Dee is currently co writing and also producing Shannon Saunders debut album with Drum and Bass Producer and DJ- Wilkinson.”